(non cyclical)

Genocide may link with this 45 year cycle. The correlation does match the cycle’s stages but it is non cyclical – namely there is no growth and decline dynamic involved in this cycle correlation – and not all stages of the cycle will necessarily correlate with a genocide.

Many 20th and 21st century Genocides are disputed (DG) – with the clear exception of those  that took place in Zunghar, Circassia, Namibia, Ukraine, the Dominican Republic, Nanking, Katyn Forest, Cambodia along with the Utasha and Croatian massacres and the Nazi Genocide – the last of which evidentially killed over 6 million people. 36 Genocide or Disputed Genocide incidents have taken place in modern times, the longest alleged being the wiping out of up to 10 million of the native population of North and South Americas by European settlers – between 1492 and 1900, the next largest the Nazi Holocaust in a considerably tighter four year timeframe.

The smallest documented genocide in the list is the incident at Srebrenica, still appallingly fresh in our memories – which saw 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys slaughtered. As with Srebrenica, the genocides (or DG) at the following locations took place in a matter of days or weeks – Dominica, Nanking, Katyn Forest, Sabra Shatila camp, Lebanon and Halabja, Iraq. A few took place in a matter of months – most notoriously in Rwanda (800,000 killed in just over two months !). But the majority of genocides or DGs took place over a number of years – typically three to four years – as in the following cases (with start dates):

Zungar (1755), Ireland famine (1846), Circassia (1860), Philippines (1899), Namibia (1904), Armenia (1914), Assyria & Greece (1915), the Nazi Holocaust (1941), Ustasha & Croatia (1941), Guatemala (1962), Cambodia (1975), Kurdish North Iraq (1986) and Darfur (2003).

Clearly genocides do not occur every so many years nor is it likely they turn out to fit one single cycle but they do present a persuasive fit with two cycles one of which is the Saturn/Uranus cycle (45 years) and the other Saturn/Pluto (33 years). Below the correlation is presented for Saturn/Uranus but an asterisk indicates a corresponding exact main aspect Saturn/Pluto hit with its aspect abbreviation:

(The genocide of American Indians is omitted as it extends over far too long a period to date accurately)

KEY : CONJUNCTION = identically together (10 degree orb), SQUARE = 90 degrees (10 degree orb), OPPOSITION = opposite each other (10 degree orb), TRINE = 120 degrees (8 degree orb), SEMISQUARE = 45 degrees (2 degree orb)


Please note these are Synchronistic and not Cyclical


Philippines (1899) (* 180 degs)

Nazi Holocaust (1941) (* Square)

Ushtase (1941) (*Square)

Bosniak/Croatian (1941) (* Square)

Nazi killing of Soviet POWs (1941) (* Square)

Checheno-Ingusetia genocide (1943) (* 45 degs)

Al Infal Kurdish North Iraq (1986) (* 45 degs)

Halabja Poison gas attack (1988) (* 45 degs)


Vendee, France (1793) (*Square)

Circassia, Caucasus (1860) (* 120 degs)

Ukranian famine (1932) )* 180 degs)

Cambodia Khmer Rouge genocide (1975) (*Square)

Ethiopian Red Terror killings (1977) (* 45 degs)


Don Cossacks genocide (1919) (*60 degs)

Zanzibar genocide (1964) (* 180 degs)

Equatorial Guinea genocide (1968) (*150 degs)


Zungar, China (1755) (*S 45 degs)

Great Irish famine (1846) (* 45 degs)

Namibia (1904) (* 120 degs)

Dominican Republic (1937) (* 120 degs)

Dersim massacre (1937) (* 120 degs)

Nanking massacre (1937) (* 120 degs)

Nazi Holocaust (1943) (* Conj)

Ushtase massacre (1943) (*Conj)

Bosniak/Croatia massacre (1943) (*Conj)

Expulsion of Germans post WW2 (1945) )*Conj)

Sabra Shaitila massacre (1982) (*Conj)

Rwandan genocide (1994) )*Square)

TRINE (120 degrees)

Armenian genocide (1914) (*Conj)

Assyran genocide (1915) (*Conj)

Greek genocide (1915) (*Conj)


Mayan Indian massacre (1962) at 135 degrees (*135 degs)

Srebrenica massacre (1995) at 60 degrees (*120 degs)


The years which see a clustering of some of the worst and most lethal genocides are unquestionably 1914 – 1918 (mid point figures – over 1.5 million total killed) and  1941 – 1944 (around 7 million total killed). Of course you will have noticed that these years were also the dates of the two world wars with a minimum estimate of 15 million deaths (WW1) and 40 million (WW2). Genocides have frequently been the side effects of wars. But some of the most heinous genocides occurred outside any regional or world war frame – notably the 2.5 million Ukranians forcibly starved by Stalin in 1932-3 and the 1.7 million Cambodians killed by the Khmer Rouge (1975 – 1979) .

The Saturn/Uranus cycle does not regularly correlate through its main stages with a particular genocide but when there is a genocide in most cases this cycle seems to be at a key aspect. Remember that of the 360 degrees in a Saturn/Uranus cycle, using the orbs we have laid down for the main cycle stages we allow only 80 degrees out of 360 degrees. Even adding trines, sextiles and 135 degrees only adds 25 degrees taking us to 105 degrees. Hence this leaves 255 degrees where no permissible aspect is possible.  The correlation therefore could be persuasive.